"I have found GroveSite to be greatly effective for communicating with the Scottsdale Leadership class members. It is one place that all 40 participants can go to continue their conversations, even when class is over, through the fabulous discussion pages."

Sammy Glassman, MSW
Executive Director
Scottsdale Leadership, Inc.

Team Collaboration - Set Up Your Own Secure, Targeted Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums Communicate with your colleagues, partners and clients across the room or across the globe. Avoid expensive conference calls that are inconvenient for teams spread out among many different time zones. No more relying on email for information sharing. Ask questions and respond to issues as your schedule permits.

GroveSite's Discussion Forums provide a user-friendly alternative for team collaboration. Your dispersed or multi-company team can post messages and respond to messages around the clock via a secure web environment. Team collaboration has never been so easy!

Discussion Forums are easy to set up and there is no limit on the number of forums that can be created per site. GroveSite lets you share documents relevant to the discussion thread by giving you the opportunity to attach a file to every message whether posting or response, and you can use the built-in email notification to let others know that a discussion thread has been updated. Because the forums are targeted, GroveSite can guarantee that you won't be inundated with irrelevant responses from anyone outside your group.

Advanced Users
Database can also include discussion threads. For example, on the Easy Issue Tracking table, each issue can spawn a discussion thread related to that particular item. These discussion threads also support the ability to share documents with message attachments.

Quick Start Guide
Launch discussion forums with little more than the click of a button. No additional software required. You can start one or many discussion forums and make your site the central point for team collaboration.
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