"GroveSite is the easiest web-based collaboration tool I've ever used. I have tried several on-line collaboration products, and I've found GroveSite the most user-friendly, both for group leaders and for group members. It's a great time-saver!"

Phillip Blackerby
Blackerby Associates

Online Collaboration, Online Project Management and Online Database Solutions

GroveSite Fits Today's Teams

The nature of work is changing. Today's business teams are virtual, made up of members from different organizations, specialties and locations. Managing the work flow and knowledge of these distributed teams is a challenge.

GroveSite makes it easy to work with colleagues who are far away. Unlike collaboration software that focuses on internal corporate teams, GroveSite offers a secure way for companies to collaborate and share documents with team members outside their firewall. Easily. Quickly. Affordably.

GroveSite's on-demand collaboration service lets you:

  • Get working today! No team training required.
  • Keep your group organized and productive - effortlessly!
  • Share large files instantly and reduce courier spending!
  • Add customer services. Increase satisfaction and revenue.
  • Streamline vendor communications. Get products to market quickly.
  • Reduce IT total cost of ownership.

Custom Collaborative Workspaces

GroveSite's secure, wiki-style workspaces feature flexible web pages, document libraries, discussion forums, team calendars and contact directories. Brand your workspace with your logo and colors. Customize by selecting the features you need, labeled in your own terminology. Build online databases for custom data such as customer contacts, work orders, bids, or bug tracking.

A GroveSite account gives you unlimited workspaces. Create templates so teams or departments can be launched in minutes. Manage users across the organization. All for a low pay-as-you-go subscription fee.

Robust, Online Project Management

GroveSite blends wiki-easy collaboration with robust project management to help you deliver successful projects on-time. Communicate milestones, tasks, schedules and responsibilities. Manage task dependencies. Produce Gantt charts. Track unstructured data in linked discussion areas. Improve project team communication, transparency, and accountability.

Create a project template based on your methodology and best practices; then launch new project teams in minutes. Create subteam workspaces and nest them to match your team structure. Enroll your client's team members to improve collaboration, results and satisfaction!

Secure, Cross-Company Collaboration

Are you a company with vendors? Customers? Partners? Suppliers? GroveSite offers a secure place to collaborate - outside your firewall. Share documents and team information with those key individuals outside your organization. GroveSite provides simple, browser-based access - no software to download.

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