Create a Website with GroveSite's User Friendly Content Management Tools

Building web sites often requires outside resources and may take weeks or months to see results. GroveSite provides simple wiki-style tools that make it easy for you to create your own content within minutes, saving both time and money. Your designated site managers can edit any page in your site and the updates will appear instantly on your site.

GroveSite provides templates for standard page types such as discussion forums, project plans, file libraries, calendars, member lists, and links to other content. Or you can build pages with your own unique design and content using GroveSite's user-friendly WYSIWYG Editor!

Other web content management tools support page building for public web sites and anonymous users. GroveSite goes one step further by making it possible to create both public and private web sites. Public sites are viewable by anyone on the internet. Private sites require a login and allow for secure information to be shared with selected users. GroveSite content management is identical for both site types.


WYSIWYG HTML Editor Do you have an eye for style but no HTML or CSS experience? GroveSite's WYSIWYG HTML Editor gives you dozens of options at the click of a button. Change your fonts, add colors and highlights, create simple tables, insert links to other pages or content within your own page. Switch easily between Editor, HTML and Preview modes.

Plus, many more options!

Advanced Users
Have you already mastered HTML? GroveSite will not slow you down. The content management tools support HTML formatting within the item text so you can customize your pages as much as you would like.

Quick Start Guide
Create sites in minutes. No previous HTML experience necessary. Page building features are easy to use and let you deliver professional-looking content with very little effort.
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