Adding and Managing Sites

***For Organization Administrators Only***

Once your account is set up, and someone in your organization has been registered with GroveSite as an Organization Administrator, that person can add new sites and expire or delete other sites when they are no longer needed. Call 1.866.952.9880 if your company or organization has not yet named a GroveSite Organization Administrator.

Adding New Sites

To add a new site, click on Org Admin at the top of the page. To the left of the screen, you will see 'Org. options:' where you will click on Add New Site. A form will come up for you to fill in. Note that you can click on any blue field name on this form and get an immediate Help screen.

  • Site name: This is the full site name, which gets displayed in several locations, including the welcoming email message, the login screen, the site header field, and reports.
  • Site short name: The short name is visible on the URL, so should be 'friendly' but short, e.g. SECcourse, or xyzproject.
  • Site DNS name: This field is usually left blank. However, if you want to use a URL like, enter that URL here.
  • Login: Checking this box allows the Login button to be displayed, so that members can login once they get to your URL. If your site is 'Public,' and purely for anonymous viewing, you can suppress display of the Login button by unchecking the box.
  • SSL: SSL is an option that gives your site an extra layer of security. Any data being transmitted to/from your browser and the GroveSite servers will be encrypted with the same advanced data encryption technology used for on-line banking and credit card transactions. You can only CHECK the SSL box here if your organization has selected a Billing Usage Plan that includes SSL for its GroveSite account.
  • Tight Control: If you want to limit Site Administrators control over site settings, such that only the Organization Administrator can change logos, colors, access and other settings, check this box.
  • Main/sub site: A main site is the primary site for your organization; other sites are usually call Sub sites. On your My Sites list, sub sites are indented underneath the main site.
  • Site expired: You can select to expire the site at a certain date, or come back to this setting later to expire the site.

Copying an Existing Site

GroveSite makes starting a site easy by giving you templates to copy. Use the pull-down menu to choose from a list of GroveSite templates.

You can also choose to copy one of your existing sites. Once your new site is added by copying another site or template, you can change individual colors, settings, pages, and so forth. (Under 'Administration' menu button)

Select what to copy

  • Nothing: selecting this will copy nothing from an existing site.
  • Site settings: this choice will copy security settings, logo, headers/footers. colors and fonts from the site selected.
  • Site settings plus page structure/security: this choice copies the above, plus page structures and security settings but NOT copy items from each page.
  • Everything: this choice copies all the above PLUS item structures on pages.

Copying enrollment

You may also choose to copy enrollment from one site to a new one. Checking the 'copy enrollment' box will copy all Site Administrators, Moderators and Participants enrolled in the site to the new site being created.

You may then use the Manage Participants option (under the Administration menu button) to edit enrollees from this choice if you wish to add or delete some members, or change their site role (eg. from Participant to Moderator).

Manage Settings for Existing Sites

Click the Administration menu button. Click on 'Switch to Organization Administrator Mode.' The left-hand portion of your screen will now display your organization's sites. Next to each site is [Adv Options] for Advanced Options. Click here to be able to edit these fields. See the individual field instructions above, or click on any blue field name in the Advanced Options form to get an on-line help screen. Additional settings may be updated through [Adv Options] after a site has been added:

  • Help Desk: Checking this box allows the Help Desk button to be displayed, so that all members can access and use the GroveSite Help Desk from your site. If your site is 'Public,' and purely for anonymous viewing, you can suppress the display of the Help Desk button by unchecking the box.
  • Upload Max Mb: Use this field to enter a number up to 50Mb. Remember that your organization is charged for storage that exceeds the storage quota in your organization’s Billing Usage Plan.
  • Default site for organization: Each company or organization using GroveSite can select one of its sites as its 'default site.' If you then enter, where 'orgname' is the short organization name listed in the URL for all your sites, GroveSite will take you to your default site. This is useful for organizations that set up one site as their 'entry/home' site and then link to other sites from there.