Getting Started

Getting Started with GroveSite is Easy

We'd love to talk to you! Call 1.866.952.9880 so we can learn about your requirements. We'll set up your free trial account, and help you select the feature set your team needs. Its a great web tour!

Retailers & Vendors

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  • Single Source of Product Information
  • Secure Web Portal
  • Share Specifications
  • Collect Quotes
  • Discuss Samples
  • Select Product Assortment

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Enterprise Teams

Online Collaboration & Databases

  • Sites for Cross-Company Teams
  • Create Custom Databases
  • Share Files
  • Manage Projects
  • Capture Discussions
  • Send Email Alerts

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Pay as you grow, with GroveSite's simple month-to-month contract

GroveSite is a hosted application that is licensed to your organization for an affordable monthly usage fee.

Pre-Launch Checklist

This Word document walks you through the five most important steps to complete before launching your workspace to your team. We suggest you download and print the document so that you can check off the list as you review your site.



When you receive your email invitation from GroveSite, click on the URL link and you will be positioned in your 'starter website.' Click on the 'Login' button in the upper Menu Bar. If it is your first time logging in, you will see some standard messages to read and accept. You will have the opportunity to update/hide other personal information and change your password on the 'Manage My Information' screen.