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View key information from all your sites in one spot

GroveSite invites you to try your personal Dashboard!

Like most GroveSite users, you may be enrolled in several GroveSites simultaneously. For example, you may be participating in three projects at work, each using a GroveSite team site for project management and collaboration. You might be a member of a "best practices" cross-functional group, in addition to working with several of your companies customers or vendors - all facilitated with GroveSite team sites for sharing documents and managing projects. If you are a product designer, product manager or buyer who uses GroveSite to collaborate with vendors, you may be enrolled in tens or even hundreds of sites.

GroveSite's My Dashboard feature can pull important information in all of your sites into one place:

My Sites

Picture My Dashboard My Sites This section of your Dashboard provides links to all of your GroveSites. This makes it easy to login once, then use your Dashboard to move to other GroveSites.

My Active Tasks

This section of your Dashboard summarizes:

  1. all tasks assigned to you that are LATE, and
  2. all tasks assigned to you that are due in the next 14 days.

This feature uses GroveSite's SmartLinks functionality. Just click on any task link to go directly to the site and page containing the task. Your task will be smartly highlighted with peach-colored shading, so you can easily identify which task need your attention.

Picture My Dashboard My Active Tasks

My Calendar

Picture My Dashboard My Calendar Do you use GroveSite's calendar feature in one or more of your sites? This section of your Dashboard summarizes all calendar events and project milestones coming up in the next 14 days, across all of your sites.

Click on any event to view details!

Recent Activity

Picture My Dashboard Recent Activity This section of your Dashboard allows you to quickly see what's new in all of your sites. Your Dashboard's Recent Activity section centralizes new content (uploaded files, tasks, announcements, database information, discussion postings or replies, and so forth) from all your sites in one place. Information added or updated in the last 7 days is summarized here.

Dashboard Filters are the Greatest!
Want to see what your key customer has posted to your site in the last 24 hours? Or last 8 hours or 4 hours?What files have been added or deleted in the last 3 days? Try your Dashboard Filters! You can refine the Recent Activity displayed by using any of 7 drop-down filters: Time Period, Display Name, Email Address, Site, Page, Item, or Activity.

How to Customize Your Dashboard

Click My Info to set your Dashboard preferences. Scroll to the bottom of the form.

Picture Dashboard Preferences Sections

1. Select the 'left-frame' or 'popup' Dashboard display

Normally, your Dashboard will appear in a popup form. However, some people prefer to see it as a separate frame on the left-hand side of your screen. This is especially useful if you are a member of many sites. You can keep your Dashboard on the left side of your screen at all times. When you click a site name, an upcoming task, or a recent activity post, the right side of your screen refreshes to show you that site/page.

Just click the top checkbox, "Display in left pane" to choose that view. Click Save. Now click My Dashboard to try out your new setting.

If you leave this top checkbox blank, your Dashboard will appear in a popup form.

2. Choose which sections you would like to include

Your Dashboard will always include the 'My Sites' list of links to all your sites.

However, you can also include any or all of these sections. Just click My Info, and scroll to the bottom of the popup form to find these checkboxes:

  1. Show tasks
  2. Show calendar events
  3. Show site activity

Select the options you want and click the Save button on the bottom of the form to save your changes.