Searching GroveSite

How to Search

Click Search on the top menu bar and the search form will be displayed in the left panel. Enter a search term in the textbox and select "This site only" or "All sites I have access to".

Picture Search Form

The search results will be displayed grouped by site name. Click on any of the results to display the corresponding item in the page on the right panel. Files will download and open when the file name is clicked.

*** The search results only include sites and items that you have access to view.

Picture Search Results

What does it search?

GroveSite search indexes data in the following items/fields:
  • Event Name
  • Event Location
  • Event Notes
  • Category
  • Notes
Page Items
  • Item Heading
  • Item Navigation
  • Item Text
  • Item Search Keywords
  • Item Sub Heading

  • Page Heading
  • Navigation Text
  • Page Text
  • Search Keywords
  • Subheading
  • Body
  • Subject
Table Records
  • Field Values
  • Deliverables
  • Notes
  • Task Name