Email - Not Receiving

When GroveSite users do not receive emails it is usually caused by one of the following:

  1. The user was not selected to receive an email.
    • To Fix: Ensure that the Site Moderator or Site administrator is selecting your account when sending emails.

  2. The user's email client software (ex: Microsoft Outlook) has intercepted the email as spam and put in the junk filter.
    • To Fix: Add GroveSite domain ("") to safe senders list

  3. Hosted Email such as Yahoo, Gmail or AOL is intercepting it and incorrectly classifying as spam.
    • To Fix: Allow all email from GroveSite domain ("")

  4. The organization that the user works at has a network spam filter which is intercepting the GroveSite emails incorrectly
    • To Fix: Contact your Network Administrator and request that all email from GroveSite domain (“") be allowed

  5. The user has multiple accounts in GroveSite and emails are going to a different account.
    • Decide which account to keep. Expire the other(s)