Page Slowness or Errors

Tips and Suggestions

To help isolate the problem and help determine whether or not GroveSite can assist, we ask that you try the following:

GroveSite pages are slow to load or hang

  • Clear your web browser’s cache and close all web browser windows. Open a new web browser and continue using GroveSite if you no longer experience any further issues.

    How to delete the contents of the Temporary Internet Files Folder

  • Navigate to a public web site such as and note how fast the page loads or if there are any errors while trying to navigate to other sites. If you have problems accessing other sites, contact your IT department or Internet Service Provider.

  • If you are still having performance problems with GroveSite, run an Internet speed test from one of the following sites. Make a note of both the upload and download results and compare to your internet service providers' service agreement. Low upload and download speed can negatively affect performance on GroveSite: (China)

GroveSite pages do not function properly or display errors

  • Make a note of the following items:
    1. The Date and Time the error occurred
    2. The GroveSite page on which the error occurred
    3. The action you were performing when the error occurred

  • Submit this information by clicking on the Submit Feedback link or call GroveSite Support at 1-866-952-9880