GroveSite Custom Online Databases – Powerful, Easy, Affordable

Online Database

Manage and share important data in an online database

Track and manage the data most important to your team: Contacts, Issues, Bugs, Help Desk Requests, Technology Assets, Sales Opportunities, Products in Development, Sample Requests, Customer Special Orders, Quotations, Proposals, PO Approvals, to name just a few. Your team will love having a single, up-to-date source of information.

Define your custom online database

Use GroveSite's Web Database Editor to specify fields, types, drop down menus, required/optional rules, security rules, file attachments, and so forth. Take advantage of GroveSite's unparalleled image thumbnails and unique Comments.
Online Database
Need a relational database structure? The Web Database Editor makes it easy to define hierarchical parent–child linkages between data.

Define Custom Views for specific audiences and purposes. Identify the fields to be displayed; set filters to see a particular subset of your rows.

Host your online database in a secure GroveSite workspace and enroll your team

GroveSite workspaces provide trusted, secure, 24/7 online database access. Enroll your team – including vendors, customers, or partners. GroveSite sends email invitations with login instructions. Add SSL and a custom Password Policy if needed.

Online Database

Upload your data and go!

Upload your data quickly with our easy Excel Import Wizard. The Wizard provides an Excel template to match your database fields. Paste in your data, upload and preview before saving.

GroveSite's Custom Views, filters, multiple sorts, and record highlighting make it easy to view and analyze information. For relational databases, click "+" to view and edit child (detail) records.

Use our secure web entry form to add data. Update information either row-by-row or en masse with GroveSite's powerful Quick Edit feature. Add a super-quick Comment to one or many rows.

Want more stuff?
Enhance your database with cool capabilities from GroveSite’s Collaboration Suite – wiki pages, document management, project management, and more. Ask us how!

Need assistance? Call us at 866-952-9880.
Our professional services team can build your databases and get you launched in a flash! We can also develop custom reports, available in an easy Reports link from your site. Call for a reasonable quote!