Broadcast Emails | Update Notifications | Project Collaboration

Keeping your team on the same page by storing files and project plans in one location saves time and reduces email congestion. However, we at GroveSite understand that email notifications are still critical for project collaboration. The following broadcast email options are available from your GroveSite:

Broadcast Email Send a message to your whole team or to a custom list of members using the 'Broadcast' feature. Broadcast might be used to notify your team about updates to the site or changes to a project. This option can be disabled if you only want administrators to be able to send email to your team or enabled if you want participants to be able to send email also.
Update Notifications Send a message to your whole team or to a custom list of members when important content has been updated. Update pages for project plans, calendars, discussion forums, and custom data tables all give you the option of notifying your team by email about updates to that particular item. No more hunting through a web site to find updated content - GroveSite's One Click Access gets your users into the site quickly to view a modification.

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