Document Management | File Sharing

File Library Thumbnails Keep your team's documents organized, up-to-date and accessible, 24/7. Share large files instantly without paying costly courier fees. Save everyone time and frustration!

We at GroveSite understand concerns about data security and can assure you that GroveSite offers a simple, fast and affordable way to share documents and collaborate with colleagues, clients and vendors via a secure web environment. Document sharing for dispersed or multi-company teams becomes easier with software that allows your team members to work like they are all on the same intranet.

Most web software with intranet and extranet functionality, though not as easy to use as GroveSite, enable you to share files. But GroveSite lets you add context for your team -- user-defined file categories, ownership, usage instructions, notes and viewing history, plus team tasks, discussion, issue tracking, calendar, broadcast email and more. We also create thumbnails for many image file formats, so your team will never waste time downloading the wrong large file.

For groups working with a large quantity of files, you will appreciate GroveSite's multi-file upload and download features. And, the multi-file upload saves additional time by creating thumbnails automatically for most image file formats.


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