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Ready for collaboration web sites but worried about how to control access? Team collaboration is easy when you can manage your own site membership. Remove users who have left the company. Add new participants when your project team expands.

GroveSite user management tools put membership control in your hands. Enrolling new users requires only an email address. And, Site Administrators can remove users or change their level of participation in one Manage Participants page.





Site Administrator

View Content
Contribute to Discussions *
Update File Libraries *
Add Calendar Events *
Modify Project Plans*
Edit Content  
Pick Site Features    
Manage Enrollment    
Modify Site Settings, Logos and Colors    


GroveSite Pro also adds one more level of security for managing sites - an Organization Administrator. This administrator can add new sites, expire old sites and set advanced site settings such as search, broadcast and public access.

* The Site Administrator gives participants the right to view only or view and update on a page by page basis.


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