Online Data Security

We at GroveSite understand concerns about data security and can assure you that GroveSite provides outstanding data protection.

Controlled Access Enroll your members in a private, password-protected site. Members login to access information, files and discussion forums.
Secure Hosted
We host your group sites, take care of technology updates and provide high up-times. Our servers are located in a secure, class "A" datacenter and monitored 24x7x365. GroveSite maintains levels of security, consistent with current industry standard security practices, to prevent unauthorized access to your websites. This includes login procedures with ID and passwords and the use of firewalls.
TLS Grovesite uses the latest Transportation Layer Security (TLS) technology to encrypt all data going to and from our servers. This ensures that your information is secure from those who would seek to eavesdrop or tamper with it.

For more information, view GroveSite's Security Philosophy white paper.


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