Commercial Design, Inc.

GroveSite's Collaboration Technology Behind the New Denver Art Museum

How do you coordinate a multi-million dollar project that has team members scattered across multiple states? Simple - you implement GroveSite's hosted collaboration solution.

When Fort Collins-based Commercial Design, Inc. (CDI), a company that specializes in steel stud framing, insulation, drywall, finishing, painting, and vinyl wallcoverings on large commercial projects, started its part of the Denver Art Museum expansion, it needed a way to manage large amounts of complex information and documents.

As Bud McMahon, CDI co-founder, puts it, "Hundreds of requests for information (RFIs) and reports were being generated. The ongoing design-build required daily PDFs, digital photos, and communications between the field, project managers, and our design team. Previously, we relied on email for our project communication, but when you have busy people working on multiple projects, it was too easy to 'miss' a critical email or use an old file instead of the most up-to-date one. This could create substantial negative cost impacts due to delays in production and potential rework. We needed to be able to organize project materials and communications so that nothing was lost and our multi-company project team could find them quickly and easily. This critical communication and organization was seamlessly and efficiently conducted for our Denver Art Museum expansion project using our GroveSite secure project team website."

Despite the fact the construction industry is still not a power user of information technology, CDI was able to quickly implement GroveSite's hosted, online collaboration solution – with no IT staff. GroveSite's hosted collaboration software provided an easy, affordable, secure way for CDI's teams to share documents across the Internet, helping to bring the new Denver Art Museum to life.