Compushare Inc.

Compushare Offers Customer Collaboration Through GroveSite

When Karn Griffen, Compushare's VP of Client Services, wanted to add innovative online collaboration to further distinguish its client services, he turned to GroveSite.

Compushare provides business policy, process and technology solutions to a premier list of clients in the financial services industry. Using teams of business consultants, engineers, security and technology specialists, Compushare helps banks and credit unions streamline operations and meet regulatory, technology, security and privacy requirements. As Griffen states, "our goal is to keep our clients 100% satisfied 100% of the time. We wanted to offer close online collaboration to our clients, and to coordinate our consulting teams to provide high quality results, every time. GroveSite has been instrumental in achieving these goals."

Compushare began by creating a Solution Center of standard workspace templates in GroveSite, one for each type of consulting engagement they perform. If a client wants to implement Compushare's Email Spam and Virus Protection solution, for example, all the required information, documents and standard project plans are pre-loaded in a GroveSite template, ready to use. This also provides quality-control for Griffen's internal teams and helps new consultants become productive quickly.

When Compushare signs a new client, its consultants use one of its standard Solution Center templates to create a secure online workspace for that client. Project documents, schedules, task status and meeting agendas are updated on GroveSite. Compushare's clients always know exactly what is expected and what will be delivered by simply logging in to their GroveSite workspace. Clients can collaborate by posting issues and commenting on procedures and draft documents.

"GroveSite has become part of our culture and terminology," says Griffen. "Our clients love contributing and being kept up-to-date 24/7. We now have 63 clients working with us online through GroveSite, and that number is growing every day."