EA Technical Services

GroveSite Provides A Simple, Yet Powerful Project Workflow Solution

When Doug Wilson, the President of EA Technical Services of Alpharetta, Georgia, needed multiple people to access the same set of ever-changing project information, he turned to GroveSite's hosted, secure project workflow solution. GroveSite provided EA Technical Services with a set of web database in which his team members could instantly upload, access and store mission-critical project information.

In May of 2005, Engineering Associates had a large number of contractors working for them to install fiber optic cable across parts of Florida. Each job required permits from different municipalities or state agencies. All the contractors required access to the data, as did corporate Engineering Associates staff and many of the carrier's people. Making the task even more challenging, everyone was in a different location.

Engineering Associates considered building a custom application with the help of an outside contractor. This effort would have cost at least $10,000 and taken a month. In contrast, EA Technical Services was able to implement a GroveSite project workflow solution in a few days at a fraction of the cost.

Wilson shared, "We used GroveSite to summarize and display this information and gave everybody access to it. This let different people go in and determine whether it was permissible for them to move forward on a project without having to make telephone calls and chase around emails."

GroveSite provided an easy, affordable, and secure way for EA Technical Services to manage their projects across time and space via the Internet.