EMM Group

GroveSite Provides Strong Document Sharing Solution for EMM Group

EMM Group, a company that improves marketing capabilities through enterprise marketing management, needed a way to simply share documents and information with its large corporate clients. Since EMM Group deals with the entire client organization, not simply the marketing department, it needed an easy-to-use tool that cut across time, location, and even company boundaries. "We have a total of 20 people in our organization who use GroveSite and several customers that we have opened certain sites for document management," said Carrie Rouse, Finance Associate at EMM Group.

The company switched to GroveSite from Intranets.com. "Intranets.com was more complicated to manage and not as user friendly as GroveSite. It was a good tool when we were first starting out, however once we got bigger, we needed something that would speak to the whole company, not just a few of the executives." Carrie said. "The document management aspect of GroveSite has been a great tool. Just having one place for people to go to get any information they need for use in their job is efficient."

EMM Group has approximately 10 employees who serve as site administrators for the sites they support. Carrie notes, "People who use GroveSite regularly have a fairly easy time using it. We have found that as long as people are taken through an introduction of what to do and how to do it, there is a general understanding on the use of GroveSite."

In short, Carrie says, "GroveSite is simple to use and the staff at GroveSite is great at helping and customizing the site for individual reports." GroveSite provided EMM Group with an easy way to manage complex relationship and marketing projects.