Client Testimonials

"Thanks very much for your responsiveness - a level of service all-too-often missing in this dizzying world of electronic communications."
Pete Webb
Pacific Consulting Group

"I researched wikis for days and GroveSite was by far the best in terms of price, customization capabilities and ease of use."
Natalie Stehfest
Qualitative Analyst

"When your management team is not in the same location, GroveSite is really the most affordable way to keep company information together. GroveSite's sales reps and support are phenomenal too."
Emily Deere

"We have been very satisfied with GroveSite's performance. It has been particularly useful in allowing our third party vendors to share information with our internal project team members."
Hal Melville
Project Manager
Tyson Foods, Inc.

"GroveSite is easy to learn and administer. The site allows us to organize our project information quickly and collaborate with remote team members without the complications of maintaining the application."
Brian J. Bischoff
Red Wing Technologies

"We have greatly appreciated all of GroveSite's assistance in managing our documents and providing a central, secure repository for our sensitive information. It has been a tremendous asset."
Laurie Callaway
Senior Consultant

"Love the software. Kudos for making the web the easy collaboration tool it should have been all along!"
David Newcorn
VP/New Media
Summit Publishing

"Grovesite was extremely helpful in helping me manage multiple projects at once. I truly recommend this on-line solution to anyone working with clients in multiple geographic areas and in multiple offices."
Marci Hosier
MH Consulting, LLC

"Using Grovesite, we are able to easily send artwork files to customers and vendors worldwide providing significant savings in both time and money. It is incredibly easy to use and the tech support is unparalleled. Grovesite has truly become an indispensable part of our everyday operations and I don't know how we ever managed without it"
Victoria Vasquez
CS Supervisor
Smith-Western Co.

"GroveSite has created an open conduit for communication between designers, manufacturers, and customers, which facilitates faster, more accurate sample turnaround. The end result is that new products arrive more quickly into the marketplace."
Byron Wilson
Account Manager
Visual Comfort & Co.

"The speed with which our GroveSite team site was developed and how little effort it took to get going impressed us. We looked at the possibility of developing this product with an outside contractor, and it would have taken a month and cost at least $10,000"
Doug Wilson
EA Technical Services

"For rapidly changing document libraries, where lots of people are always asking what version we are on, GroveSite has been amazing."
Duane Brummett
Executive VP and General Counsel for MTI, Inc.
Staff Representative of President Bush's China Task Force

"GroveSite has given Marines and their families the ability to remain in touch over an extremely long distance and through trying times. GroveSite enables me to immediately respond to family concerns and questions and, most importantly, to address and correct any misinformation or rumors that routinely inject themselves during lengthy deployments."
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LtCol Mark Jebens
Commanding Officer HMH-466
United States Marine Corp

"Our clients are ecstatic over our GroveSite team site. They particularly like having the large audio files available, and also how effortless it is to keep global team members up-to-date."
Susan Newlin
Managing Director
MedQuest Research

"GroveSite eliminates endless hours of work by providing a great collaboration tool that is intuitive and easy to use.  The Arizona Technology Council uses GroveSite extensively for its many committees and collaborative work groups.  Anyone needing a collaborative tool should try GroveSite; you will quickly become a fan."
Ron Schott
Arizona Technology Council

"GroveSite has tremendously improved our ability to manage projects and communicate with clients. Because GroveSite is so easy to use, all team members can add content to the site. With GroveSite, our projects are organized and on-time!"
Sara Silver
Silverware, Inc.

"Finding a web solution that fits the needs of teachers is no easy task. GroveSite is easy to use for the first time web builder and yet advanced enough for those who are ready to try something more. Our teachers appreciate its ease of use, the parents love being able to keep up on what is happening at school, and I appreciate the exemplary support from GroveSite. I highly recommend GroveSite."
Nancy Franklin
Lead Technology Teacher
Valley Christian Junior High School

"Ensynch's Data Center Project Management Team relies on GroveSite to produce highly effective web-based project plan and status reports to its customers. GroveSite has turned out to be an indispensable tool for Ensynch and its customers."
Hunter Bennett
Director of Operations
Ensynch, Inc.

"The most defining characteristic of GroveSite for me is the ability to stay focused on my content without having to spend a lot of energy fussing with the site technology."
Gene Ziegler
Nesheim OnLine

"GroveSite rocks for me. I have recommended it to everyone I know!"
Francine Hardaway, PhD
Managing Partner
Stealthmode Partners, FastTrac

"GroveSite is the easiest web-based collaboration tool I've ever used. I have tried several on-line collaboration products, and I've found GroveSite the most user-friendly, both for group leaders and for group members. It's a great time-saver!"
Phillip Blackerby
Blackerby Associates

"GroveSite has been a great tool for getting a widely dispersed group of non-technical people to collaborate and share information. It really made us question the need of maintaining our own internal file server."
Rick S. Wilfong
Klaar, Inc.

"I have found GroveSite to be greatly effective for communicating with the Scottsdale Leadership class members. It is one place that all 40 participants can go to get all the information they need to be prepared for their Scottsdale Leadership class. In addition, they can continue their conversations, even when class is over, through the fabulous discussion pages. Most importantly, GroveSite is easy for Scottsdale Leadership staff to update and keep current."
Sammy Glassman, MSW
Executive Director
Scottsdale Leadership, Inc.

"Since GroveSite was implemented, our members have been able to give us feedback. Our staff have become more productive and more creative because of the discussion forums. GroveSite is a Godsend."
Mark Shore
Valley of the Sun Jewish Community Center

"We have been a much more effective and efficient organization since we began utilizing GroveSite."
Todd A. Bankofier
President & CEO
Arizona Technology Council

"As a busy Interventional Pain Management physician needing to frequently update my website, communicate publicly with patients (and privately with my staff), I find GroveSite to be an OUTSTANDING tool that is intuitive, powerful, and effective. I give it two (pain-free) thumbs up!"
Ronald M. Laub, MD
Colorado Springs Interventional Pain Management

"GroveSite has been a fabulous tool for our school. It enables us to communicate with parents in ways that we could not before. It is easily accessible to everybody and when we have information that needs to be communicated quickly it is invaluable. It helps teachers inform parents of the curriculum, solicits feedback more efficiently than paper notices and is a great way to reach new families. It also helps the enrollment process for we can always suggest a quick look at the website for families who want information."
Marcia Boston
Red Barn Nursery School

"Getting the GroveSite web site started was intuitive, straightforward, and quick. In less than two hours we had an easy to use site up and running. It has been simple to maintain, improve, and keep up to date. Using GroveSite we've been able to significantly improve communication . . . and keep key information updated."
Libby Patterson
Board Member
Passed Pawns

"I am so happy I went with GroveSite for my online courses and curriculums. I want to thank your Customer Support team for all your help and for replying to my questions so quickly."
Shana Albert
ABC Home Preschool