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Offer your clients a private site so they can monitor status and collaborate on projects with dispersed or multi-company groups.  GroveSite empowers you to offer new, differentiated services and increase revenue!

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Give your group a centralized location for discussion, project management, document sharing, and communication. No email clogging your inbox. No lost messages or files. GroveSite saves everyone time and reduces frustration!

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Set up a group site in hours. GroveSite provides the structure to get your teams working quickly and simplify project administration. The functionality of an intranet without the hassle!

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Are your documents too large to send via email? Are you burning CDs and incurring huge courier bills to share them? Share files within minutes using GroveSite's easy, organized file libraries! Our thumbnails for image files are incredible!

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GroveSite makes advanced technology affordable. Our hosted software gives you the power of a full-scale IT department, whether you are a multi-national business or a one-person operation. Pay only low monthly fees.


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