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Project Plan Coordinating project tasks among multi-company teams or multi-location teams can be a challenge for any project manager. Team members may be on different computer systems, in different locations and even in different time zones. Like GroveSite's other page types, project management Project Plans are easy to set up and to maintain. Rather than add complicated features that require special training, GroveSite keeps task management straight-forward and focuses on the features that give you the most 'bang-for-the-buck'.

GroveSite's online tools for project management make it easy for a manager to assign tasks, streamline communications, keep track of critical dates, attach files, and report on project status. GroveSite's enhanced project management tools include project import/export, task dependencies, milestones, late alerts, issue tracking and Gantt charts.


No more trying to manage projects via email!

Centralize team communications. Share relevant documents online. Increase client collaboration. Reduce administration time and costs. GroveSite helps you keep your projects organized and on-time.

Advanced Users
GroveSite controls access to your project site through user IDs and passwords. Need an extra layer of security? Use GroveSite's Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) advanced encryption feature!

Quick Start Guide
Build project plans using your internet browser. No complicated project software to learn. No team member training. Simplify team communications by using GroveSite as the single source for up-to-date documents and project information.
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