"GroveSite is the easiest web-based collaboration tool I've ever used. I have tried several on-line collaboration products, and I've found GroveSite the most user-friendly, both for group leaders and for group members. It's a great time-saver!"

Philip Blackerby
Blackerby Associates

Manage Your Own Levels of Site Membership

Ready for collaboration web sites but worried about how to control access? Team collaboration is easy when you can manage your own site membership. Remove users who have left the company. Add new participants when your project team expands.

GroveSite user management tools put membership control in your hands. Enrolling new users requires only an email address. And, Site Administrators can remove users or change their level of participation in one Manage Participants page.




Site Administrator

View Content
Contribute to Discussions *
Update File Libraries *
Add Calendar Events *
Modify Project Plans*
Edit Content  
Pick Site Features    
Manage Enrollment    
Modify Site Settings, Logos and Colors    

* The Site Administrator gives participants the right to view only or view and update on a page by page basis.

Advanced Users
Are you responsible for multiple projects or multiple clients? Upgrade to GroveSite Pro and you can add as many sites as you need. And, each site has its own membership list so client confidentiality is never an issue.

Quick Start Guide
Enroll members into your site with just an email address. Secure passwords are assigned automatically by default. Accounts are created immediately. No approvals necessary. You are the administrator of your own site. GroveSite makes team collaboration on the web easy to manage.
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