Database QuickStart

Build a simple database and add it to your site with the Add Page Wizard.

You can use the Full Database Editor to refine it and add custom views later.

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Database QuickStart

Here's how to get started:

DB QuickStart Step 1: Add Page

Picture DB QuickStart Step 1
  • Login to your site.
  • Click Turn on Edit
  • Click [new page] link that appears in the left-hand navigation. The Add Page Wizard appears (see picture at right).
  • Select the Database Quickstart: Create a database table option. It's the last option listed, before the NEXT button.
  • Just follow the instructions!

DB QuickStart Step 2: Name your new Database Table

Picture DB QuickStart Step 2

DB QuickStart Step 3: Define Fields

Picture DB QuickStart Step 3

DB QuickStart Step 4: Name the Page

Picture DB QuickStart Step 4

This is the page name that will appear in the left-hand navigation for this site.

Note that in the example at right, the administrator has decided to add a line of two of instructions which will be displayed to team members when the database page is displayed.

DB QuickStart Step 5: Set Security Permissions

Picture DB QuickStart Step 5

DB QuickStart Step 6: Specify where the new page will appear in the left-hand navigation

Picture DB QuickStart Step 6

Your new database page will appear BELOW the page you select.