Page Layout and Site Navigation

Page Layout

Picture Page Layout

Custom Logo

This is your organization’s logo or name, in the upper left portion of the page.

Site Headers

This is your group's name. For example, it may be a project, seminar title, association section, and so forth. It is in the upper right portion of the page and you have two lines available.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is the horizontal area at the upper right that contains buttons with GroveSite commands, such as Help Desk, My Info, and My Dashboard. Once you login, GroveSite will display those commands you are authorized to perform based on your role (Participant, Moderator, Administrator).

Site Navigation Area

This is the left-hand side of the screen. The Site Navigation Area displays names of the various pages in your group's website. GroveSite only displays those pages for which you have access. Some of the items listed are links to other websites or other GroveSite websites.

Page Header

This contains the page header text. Each page has its own header and optional sub-header.

Page Menu

The page menu will display the options for each page type. The options also depend on your role.

Page Content

This large area to the right of the Navigation Area is the Page Content. Each page type displays different menu options and content.

Site Footers

This is the horizontal area across the bottom of the screen. On the right side are two lines of footer, often used by GroveSite's clients for contact and/or copyright information for your organization. GroveSite is displayed on the left, along with a 'Submit Feedback' link by which you can submit questions or report bugs to GroveSite staff.

Site Navigation: My Dashboard

My Dashboard

Click on the My Dashboard button in the upper Menu Bar. A list of all the sites that you are enrolled in will be displayed. Click on the site you want to go.

Note that your personal Dashboard also can include other sections: My Active Tasks, My Calendar, and Recent Activity. Use 'My Info' to select your settings on what information you'd like to see in your Dashboard!

Viewing Pages

To view any page, just click on its name in the left hand Site Navigation Area. If the page has 'section headings' those will be displayed in the Site Navigation Area, and you can click on those as well.

Use the scroll bar to view long pages. If the page you are viewing has 'sections', you may navigate between sections using sections headings on the Site Navigation Area or links on the bottom of the page.

Links to external websites

Some of the names listed in the left hand Site Navigation area are actually links instead of pages. Some links may lead you to external websites. To return to your group website, use the BACK button on your browser.

Links to other GroveSite websites

If the link you have clicked on is another GroveSite group website, you will be positioned in that website. If you are an enrolled member of that site, too, you will not have to login again. Most related GroveSite websites have a "Return to ___" in the Site Navigation area to return to your original site.