Link to Library Pages

GroveSite Library Sites

Library sites can be used as a repository for shared content that may be used by any of your other sites. Library site content can only be edited by users that have moderator or above rights in that Library site. This means that if Site B links to a page in Library Site A, the users in Site B get a read only view of the page.

Setting Up a Library Site

  1. Create a new site
  2. Build the content of the site. The pages are built the same as any other site. Web content and file libraries would probably be the most common types of pages used in a library site.
  3. Edit the site using the 'Adv Options' in Org Admin mode
  4. Check the box for Library (Use the pages in this site as a library for the rest of your sites) and Save the site.

The content in the library site is now available for use in your other sites. You will also find a new report ('Pages Linked to this Library') in the Site Admin options to see where and how often your library pages are used.

Using Library Site Pages

  1. In any other site in your organization, add a new page choosing the type of 'Link to one of your Library Pages'
  2. In the Edit page, enter the Navigation text that you would like to show in the left menu and select the library page to link to from the dropdown. (The dropdown shows all the pages that are available from all of your library sites.)

Users in this site will now be able to view the content that resides in the library site page but it will look like the content is in their current site. When moderators turn on edit, they will see a message that tells them the content can not be updated in this site.


A GroveSite client uses library sites to keep their vendor information that needs to be displayed in each program sites. The information is maintained in one place and shared in hundreds of sites.