GroveSite Launches New Site to Help Customers Choose Collaboration Tools

(Phoenix, AZ January 11, 2006) -- GroveSite (, the leading provider of easy-to-use collaboration software for cross-company project teams, has announced the launch of its new site at

"The new site offers much-expanded information for people who are trying to choose an online collaboration tool to work with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners," says Jane Hagen, GroveSite VP Marketing. "Our prospects and customers can now see eight demos, as well as a Sandbox in which they can play as they are trying out the product. Our site is designed to help customers decide whether GroveSite is right for them."

The site also has a section on Featured Industries, with descriptions of how GroveSite is currently used in each of these sectors: consulting, information technology, product design and development, franchising, construction/architecture, engineering, healthcare, education, public relations, association/non-profit, and government sectors.

Along with the demos and descriptions are GroveSite success stories, testimonials, a partial list of clients, partners and partner programs.

In an expanded Resources Section, there is a glossary of collaboration terms, GroveSite white papers, links to recommended articles, and recent news feeds on the collaboration industry.

"GroveSite keeps teams organized and productive," says GroveSite CEO Joe McVicker, "but more importantly, GroveSite enables companies to collaborate both forward and backward in the value chain. Our clients create customer-focused collaborative workspaces, improving service and effectiveness. Other GroveSite clients create supplier-focused workspaces, collaborating on product design and speeding products to market."

About GroveSite

GroveSite provides easy online collaboration workspaces for distributed teams across an organization’s entire value chain. Set up in minutes, GroveSite enables teams to share documents, manage projects and track discussions in a secure hosted workspace on the Internet. GroveSite was founded in 2002 and has offices in Phoenix and Boston. For more information, visit or contact Jane Hagen at 866-952-9880.