Shared Online Calendars

Calendar Month View Show deadlines, schedule meetings and share vacation plans all in calendar pages that your teams can view online. No need to schedule events by passing around emails until everyone is confused and frustrated, just post the event in a GroveSite Calendar page and the whole group can view it immediately.

Building calendars for team collaboration is complicated when you are managing a multi-company project. Sometimes it seems like every team member is using a different email system and none of those systems are compatible. GroveSite Calendar pages eliminate the system dependencies and let you focus on the project tasks.

GroveSite displays the Calendar pages according to your preference - list view or month view, single month or many months. You can also choose to show project plan milestones on your calendar page. You can attach a file to an event to share documents that supplement the activity such as directions, meeting agendas, or registration forms. GroveSite also provides the ability to send email notifications to your group about updates to a calendar event. You can also download and add an event to your Outlook calendar at the click of a button.


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