GroveSite strives to make web-based collaboration easy, fast and affordable for all types of businesses and organizations — regardless of size.

GroveSite was founded on the knowledge that existing collaboration tools lacked the flexibility, affordability, and responsiveness needed to meet the emerging needs of organizations. With the advent of cell phones, laptops, and widely-available internet access, working teams were becoming more dispersed. Organizations were increasingly looking to form partnerships and strategic alliances to pool talent, move product and ideas, and increase efficiencies. Existing collaboration solutions were complex, expensive and required intensive implementations. GroveSite stepped in to provide an easy, fast, and affordable solution to organizations, regardless of size.

GroveSite is a privately held organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. GroveSite was founded in 2002 by three principles, Thomas I. Selling, Jane Hagen, and Joseph S. McVicker. With over 75 years of combined management, technology and marketing experience, they launched the first hosted GroveSite offering in 2003. GroveSite was among the pioneers in offering a Software-as-a-Service product.

Since that time the company has flourished, offering a respected product on a secure operating platform, and providing superior customer service to its growing client base. Grove Technologies has aggressive plans to upgrade its flagship product in 2010 and expand its distribution channels.


GroveSite Management Team

Thomas I. Selling, PhD, CPA

Founder and President, Grove Technologies

Dr. Selling is a business strategist, technologist, educator, author and CPA. Prior to founding Grove Technologies, he served as Academic Fellow, Office of the Chief Accountant, at the SEC. Dr. Selling has authored numerous academic and practice publications. During 25 years as a business school professor he served as on the faculties of MBA programs at Dartmouth, MIT, Wake Forest and Thunderbird School of International Management. He has produced and led over 150 seminars for business professionals in 15 countries, and has been quoted numerous times in leading business publications such as the Wall Street Journal and Compliance Week. Dr. Selling has a Bachelor's Degree and MBA from Cornell, and a PhD from Ohio State.

Jane Hagen

Founder and VP Marketing & Sales, Grove Technologies

Ms. Hagen's career in providing technology solutions spans thirty years. Jane worked at the Los Alamos Scientific Lab in the 1970s on state-of-the-art systems. She worked as a technology strategist and consultant at a leading management consulting firm in Boston, where she was the first woman promoted to partner. In the 1990s, Ms. Hagen co-founded a technology consulting firm, where she was responsible for marketing and delivering technology services and solutions. Ms. Hagen complements her technology experience with a deep understanding of the challenges of helping organizations adopt and benefit from new technologies. She has a Masters in Management from MIT and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science.