GroveSite Announces Strategic Partnership with PLAN

The PLAN(Irvine, CA February 1, 2006) -- The Partner Leveraged Affiliate Network has announced the addition of GroveSite online collaboration software to their portfolio of software solutions available to partner affiliates for resale and internal business use.

The Partner Leveraged Affiliate Network (PLAN) is a unique "partnership of partners" whose affiliates combine the strengths of their areas of expertise as resellers, systems integrators, service providers, or specialists in specific vertical markets. Since its inception in January 2005, the PLAN has expanded rapidly to include over 20 national and regional partners.

"We're excited to be represented by the talented, professional firms that are Affiliates of the PLAN," says Jane Hagen, GroveSite's Chief Marketing Officer. "This strategic partnership enables GroveSite to reach a much broader market and continue our aggressive growth."

GroveSite is a hosted project collaboration solution that makes web collaboration easy and secure. Using GroveSite workgroups can create secure custom project sites, enroll external and internal users, and start sharing and organizing information. Through the PLAN, affiliates have access to GroveSite for collaboration within the PLAN and have the opportunity to sell the solution within their market.

"This is an excellent opportunity for GroveSite to grow organically through PLAN affiliates," said Mike Hawksworth, CEO and President of MSS Enterprise Solution, a master distributor of the PLAN. "Providing our partners access to GroveSite will help them enhance their business processes and be a testimony to their customers about the benefits of GroveSite. The tool sells itself."

About GroveSite

GroveSite provides easy online collaboration workspaces for distributed teams across an organization's entire value chain. Set up in minutes, GroveSite enables teams to share documents, manage projects and track discussions in a secure hosted workspace on the Internet. GroveSite was founded in 2002 and has offices in Phoenix and Boston.

About the PLAN

The Partner Leveraged Affiliate Network (the PLAN) is a fast-growing national network of resellers and referral partners that share a common interest in serving North American clients with business and technology solutions. PLAN partners are uniquely focused on representing complementary industry-leading technology solutions, as well as sharing in state-of-the-art opportunity referral and marketing systems and, generous revenue participation programs.

About MSS Enterprise Solutions

As the Western Region IFS Master Distributor, MSS Enterprise Solutions, LLC supports a network of IFS resellers and partners in the western United States. MSS leverages the 18 years of success of its sister company, MSS Technologies, in the sale and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and in the support and development of PLAN Affiliates to provide local sales and implementation teams for the IFS Applications products.