Building and Managing Sites

Tools for Moderators and Administrators to Build Custom Sites

GroveSite Page Types

GroveSite offers a suite of collaboration tools to jump start your team collaboration.

  • Wiki Web Pages - create a standard 'blank' page on which Moderators or Site Administrators will be able to add all types of information include text, images, bulleted or numbered lists, and attached files.
  • File Libraries - organize and share large numbers of files with thumbnails for pdfs and most graphic formats
  • Project Plans - manage project schedules with assigned tasks, status, and dependencies
  • Custom Databases - establish secure online database to share with your team
  • Pre-Built Databases - use tables developed by GroveSite for common tasks such as issue tracking and contact management
  • Link to Library Pages - build content that can be shared by any site in your organization
  • Calendars - keep a common calendar for events like meetings or vacation schedules
  • Discussion Forums - add an online asynchronous bulletin board to leave messages and see responses.
  • List of All Site Members - show a list of site members with their profile contact information
  • List of Related Sites - display a list of the sites related to the current site including sub sites or sites at the same level
  • Link to Another GroveSite - include a link to another GroveSite
  • Link to Other Web Sites - insert a link to external sites in your navigation