"GroveSite has been a great tool for getting a widely dispersed group of non-technical people to collaborate and share information."

Rick S. Wilfon
Klaar, Inc.

See Why GroveSite’s Hosted Solutions are Right for You

GroveSite's web-based collaboration software rests at the intersection of your organization and those with whom you communicate. Individuals increasingly must interact with people outside of their organizations, collaborating with partners, clients, vendors and teams scattered across geographical areas. Unlike many collaboration systems that are focused entirely on internal communications, GroveSite offers a secure way for companies to communicate and work with outside organizations. Easy. Quick. Affordable.

  • Build site content without additional resources
  • Incorporate company branding into the look and feel of the sites
  • Provide a single source of up-to-date files and information
  • Share documents too large to email
  • Track important discussions
  • Keep calendars organized and current
  • Communicate project status and responsibilities
  • Create database for unique team requirements
  • Manage site enrollment
  • Reduce administration time and costs
  • Require no team member training

This quick tour will give you more information about all of the GroveSite web-based collaboration tools. For more detailed information about building your GroveSite collaboration sites, you can download the Quick Start Guides. Contact us at sales@grovesite.com if you have any additional questions before signing up for a trial.

Quick Start Guide
Get started today. Logging in and navigating around GroveSite is straight-forward. Project management sites for multi-company teams are easy to set up. It takes only minutes to share documents online. You will be impressed by the flexibility of the software to meet the needs of both beginning and advanced users.
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