Bulk Import

The [Bulk Import] feature allows GroveSite users to import records via an excel spreadsheet. To use:

  • Click the [Bulk Import] link on the database page
  • Verify the table is correct and click to download the template
  • Save the file and add records to the excel spreadsheet
  • Upload the file and click the Upload Template button
  • The uploaded records will be displayed for verification
  • Click the Finish button to save the records to the database

For more details, click here to download the Bulk Import Instruction Guide.

Picture Bulk Import

Template Requirements & Security

  • TableRecordID and OwnerEmail - These are system fields that are always required to be on the spreadsheet. During an import the system will render an error message if uploaded without these two fields.
  • ParticipantGroupName - This is a system field that is required if Participant Groups are turned on for the Organization. The import will render an error message if uploaded without this field. If Participant Groups are turned on, the empty template downloaded will include this field.
  • Two Rows of Column Names - Both rows need to be on the template in order for the import to work. The first row displayed on the template will be the field names and the second row displayed on the template will be the label names. Occasionally, database table field names can differ from the label names. Therefore, we have added both rows for easy identification.
  • Moderator Edit and Moderator View Fields - Participants will not be able to import into fields that are "Moderator Edit" or "Moderator View Only". Any data entered will be ignored.