GroveSite Releases New Online Collaboration Features

PHOENIX, AZ – December 9, 2002 – GroveSite announced the immediate release of important new capabilities for users of its online collaboration service. GroveSite specializes in providing affordable web-based collaboration, the ability for project teams and other groups to use private password-protected websites to work together over the Internet. Previously, web-based collaboration has been used primarily by larger corporations and universities who have the budget and the trained information technology staff to support it.

GroveSite's new features enable its clients to create multiple online working groups, each customized for content, branding, and enrollment. "Our client organizations can now create as many private websites as they need, when they need them, without contacting us," explains Tom Selling, GroveSite's President. "The new features also allow them to create customized site templates, from which new project team sites can be created in minutes. Organizations can significantly reduce the start-up time and cost for launching new projects, and ultimately reduce their 'time-to-market.'"

GroveSite also released an advanced security option, called SSL. "SSL uses advanced data encryption technology, such as that used for credit card processing over the Internet. This is a valuable added security option for legal firms or organizations whose case or project teams deal with highly-confidential content," adds VP Technology Joe McVicker.

"If your readers don't know about online collaboration now, they soon will. The knowledge of and demand for web-based collaboration is rapidly increasing. Our goal is to make online collaboration easy and affordable for all organizations, whether they are a one-person operation or a multinational company." adds Jane Hagen, Marketing VP.

About GroveSite

GroveSite provides easy, affordable online collaboration software for all types of groups and project teams through a hosted Internet application. Founded in 2002 by three principals, Thomas I. Selling, Joe McVicker, and Jane Hagen, GroveSite is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, please contact GroveSite at 866-952-9880 and visit