Wiki-Easy Technology — Made for Business

Wanna wiki? GroveSite offers a wiki specifically designed for the business community. GroveSite’s online collaboration software provides all of the ease of a wiki within a secure, hosted environment. Have your site up and running with no training, no software to download, and no special skills required.

GroveSite’s powerful web-based technology allows you to build secure team sites, project management sites, collaboration sites - and more - with ease. Share files across the building or across the globe. Keep track of tasks and manage projects. Have special needs? Call GroveSite to discuss your special requirements and programming needs.

I researched wikis for days and GroveSite was by far the best in terms of price, customization capabilities and ease of use.
Natalie Stehfest - Qualitative Analyst, Latitude

Love the software. Kudos for making the web the easy collaboration tool it should have been all along!
David Newcorn - VP/New Media, Summit Publishing

GroveSite has been a great tool for getting a widely dispersed group of non-technical people to collaborate and share information.
Rick S. Wilfong - President, Klaar, Inc.

GroveSite's clients include global teams from BearingPoint, Target, and the US Marines as well as small professional service firms, seminar companies and non-profit organizations. Sign up for a free trial and discover why others love GroveSite!