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Document Sharing Library Keep your team's documents organized, up-to-date and accessible, 24/7. Share large files instantly without paying costly courier fees. Save everyone time and frustration!

GroveSite offers a simple, fast and affordable way to share documents and collaborate with colleagues, clients and vendors via the Internet. Using GroveSite's secure hosted online collaboration software, you can have your site up and running in minutes with no training, no software to download and no special skills required. a lot more

Document Sharing Library with Thumbnails
Most web software with intranet and extranet functionality, though not as easy to use as GroveSite, enable you to share documents. But GroveSite lets you add context for your team -- file categories, usage instructions, notes and viewing history, plus team tasks, discussion, issue tracking, calendar, broadcast email and more. We also create thumbnails for many image file formats, so your team will never waste time downloading the wrong large file.


Our clients are ecstatic over our GroveSite team site. They particularly like having the large audio files available, and also how effortless it is to keep global team members up-to-date.
Susan Newlin - Managing Director, MedQuest Research

GroveSite has been a great tool for getting a widely dispersed group of non-technical people to collaborate and share information.
Rick S. Wilfong - President, Klaar, Inc.

Anyone needing a collaboration tool should try GroveSite; you will quickly become a fan. /
Ron Schott - Arizona Technology Council

GroveSite's clients include global teams from BearingPoint, Target, and the US Marines as well as small professional service firms, seminar companies and non-profit organizations. Sign up for a free trial and discover why others love GroveSite!