Customize Your Sites

Site Management

Build a collaborative site and add content through GroveSite's easy, intuitive user interface. It's instantaneous!

GroveSite makes it easy to incorporate your company branding into the look and feel of the sites. Put your logo in the header, pick the background and text colors, and enter your own customized header and footer messages - all with easy-to-use web forms that require no previous HTML experience.

You can also add new team sites as needed within minutes using GroveSite's straightforward site administration tools. Create your own customized site template to jump-start new sites. Expire sites that are no longer in use. Build library sites with pages that can be shared across your other sites.

GroveSite also provides standard reports so that you can monitor overall membership, usage and file storage. Other site level reports allow you to verify site security, download project plans, and review broadcast messages sent from GroveSite.


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