Online Collaboration Tools: White Papers and Free Downloads

GroveSite Security GroveSite Security Overview
"We at GroveSite understand concerns about data security and can assure you that GroveSite provides outstanding data protection..."
Web 2.0 Overview Web 2.0 and Global Collaboration
An overview of Web 2.0 technologies by GroveSite's VP of Marketing, Jane Hagen. Includes blogs, podcasts, web conferencing, online workspaces, wikis, and social networking.
Analyst Case Study How Visual Comfort Uses GroveSite's Collaborative Workspace to Improve Time-to-Market
"Using GroveSite, we have been able to create an open conduit for communication between designers, manufacturers, and customers, which facilitates faster, more accurate sample turnaround. The end result is that we bring new products more quickly into the marketplace."
Analyst Review GroveSite Collaborative Workspaces
Quick, Easy, and Useful Team Workspaces for Collaboration with Customers and Suppliers

An excellent primer on the GroveSite collaboration web service written by leading analyst, Ronni Marshak, of the Patricia Seybold Group.
External Collaboration Beyond Corporate Walls: External Collaboration is Key
Information vital to a company's bottom-line is often found beyond its own walls. Easy, secure, web-based collaboration tools can help tap the knowledge of valuable, often overlooked, external contributors.