Collaboration Tools, Online Databases, Project Management

GroveSite is as easy as a wiki, but made for today's cross-functional multi-enterprise teams. GroveSite gives non-technical teams the tools to manage a structured project plan or online database AND collaborate freely on unstructured ideas, information, issues and documents.

Secure Online Workspaces

Site Management
Add new site and customize site branding in minutes. Use quick start templates.
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Member Management
Enroll members in private, password-protected sites.
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Prevent unauthorized access to web sites and documents. Enterprise SSL and customizable password policy.
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Enterprise Site Management
Manage hierarchy of sites. Enterprise-wide member management and usage reporting.

Collaboration Tools

Document Management
Share documents without bogging down email systems. Document check in/out. Track access.
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Discussion Forums
Streamline communications with online discussion forums.
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Wiki Web Pages
Create web pages quickly with simple, wiki-style editing tools. Include text, pictures, links, and files.
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Online Calendars
Schedule meetings and share team calendars. Export to MS Outlook.
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Member Directories
Publish contact lists with user-maintained profiles, pictures, and biographies.
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Email Digests & Notifications
Send updates via email to site members. Stay up to date with daily or weekly Email Digests.
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Online Databases

Web Database Editor
Define fields easily and quickly. Multiple field types, attachments, and security controls.
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Relational Database
Use single-table structure or create parent-child data relationships. Easy and powerful.
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Excel Import Wizard
Get started quickly by uploading initial data. Easy import from Excel, Access, or other systems.
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Image Handling
Image attachments are our specialty. Select thumbnail size and position.
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Viewing, Analysis, Comments
Use filters, sorts, custom views. Add super-quick Comment to any record.
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Easy Updating
Try GroveSite's database Quick Edit for quick, multiple-record changes. Send summary of updates via email.
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Project Management

Project Management
Manage project status, milestones, responsibilities and dependencies.
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Issue Tracking
Identify issues, track progress and share resolution.
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See what's new and what's due in all your project sites. Displays late and upcoming tasks. Links allow easy updating.
Task Email Alerts
Never miss a task deadline again. GroveSite emails members and Admins in advance.

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