Broadcast Org

What is broadcast email?

Broadcast email is the ability to send a common email message to everyone enrolled in your group's website. GroveSite's broadcast email feature allows you to enter a subject line and message body. You may 'cc:' individuals not enrolled in your site, if you wish.

Broadcast emails include the URL of the site/page, so that recipients can easily access the site.

Typically, only Moderators and Site Administrators have the Broadcast Email feature (but see #2 below to modify that).

1. Send Broadcast Email from any page after you've posted new content

Post your new text, file, task status, issue, photo etc on the appropriate page of your site. Then click the 'Broadcast' button in the upper right hand Menu Bar.

The subject field is required, but the message body is not. Many people just say - "The draft of the XYZ document is now posted on our site for your review." or "Map and directions to next Monday's meeting now posted"

GroveSite includes the URL to this site and page in your email. This enables recipients to click on the URL in the email, and be automatically logged in and positioned at the page with your new content. (assumes recipient has saved their ID and password in a cookie at login)

2. Want to allow all your members to send Broadcast Email?

Some groups may want all members, even those enrolled as GroveSite Participants instead of Moderators or Site Administrators, to be able to send a broadcast to the group. As an Organization Administrator, you can enable this by clicking Administration and then Switch to Organization Administrator Mode. In the left-hand panel that appears, click [Adv Options] next to your site, and check the box that says 'Participants can broadcast.' Don't forget to SAVE!