Common Login Site

Why use a Common Login Site?

Many companies have multiple GroveSite sites within their GroveSite 'Organization'. Within an Organization, each site is uniquely addressable by a URL structured as:

For example, consulting firm Golden Associates may have multiple sites, one for each client engagement. So their site URLs would look like:

Members who are enrolled in multiple sites -- sometimes tens or even hundreds of sites -- may find it burdensome to remember or bookmark each site's URL.

Provide a single URL through a Common Login Site

With a Common Login Site, you can give all members an additional option, to simply go to:

In our example: OR

How to set up a Common Login Site

***You must have Organization Administrator privileges***

First, add the site:

  • Login to any site
  • Click Org Admin to open the left-hand org admin panel
  • Click Add a New Site
    • Site Name would be the organization's name, eg.: Golden Associates
    • Fill in the Site DNS name of if you want to provide that option
    • Leave the new site as a 'main' site
    • In the "What to copy" options, you may wish to copy the banner, colors etc, but NOT any page definitions or content, from another site
    • Don't copy any enrollment
  • Once you click Save, the new site will appear on the right

Second: Add a single page and customize the banner and colors

  • Working on the right-hand side of the screen, add a single page to the site.
    • Turn on edit
    • Click [new page]
    • Select 'default web page' as your page type and name the page Welcome
  • You may also wish to update the Header 1 and Header 2 fields in the upper right hand side of the banner. for example, you may wish to say "Golden Associates Common Login" or "Golden Associates Wiki Center" instead of just "Golden Associates" Just click Administration and use the Manage Site Text Logo and Settings option to update your headers.
  • Now customize your logo and colors, as needed, using Administration, Manage Site Style Background and Colors

Third: Make the Login Site your DEFAULT site

  • You'll need to be in the Organizational Administrator's view, so click Org Admin if that left-hand panel is not already open.
  • Locate the site you just created in the left-hand site list, and click [Adv Options] next to it.
  • Find the field called Default Site -- use the pull-down menu to select the new site from the list. Don't forget to Save.

Fourth: Test it out!

  • Now logout, close/reopen your browser, and type in: (using your own organization name, of course)
  • You should be positioned at your new login page because it is the DEFAULT site to be displayed when no 'siteshortname' is entered in the URL string.
  • Try logging in. Since NO USERS are enrolled in this site, GroveSite will automatically take the user to the site he/she is enrolled in, or to that user's My Dashboard page so the user can pick which site to visit first.