Organization Reports

Organization Administrator Reports

Organization Administrators have additional reports available to them to track site and overall organization usage. Click the Administration menu button. Click 'Switch to Organization Administration Mode.' Then click 'Org Reports.' Here are just a few of the reports available to you:

Enrollment Usage Units lists name, email address, last login, usage units used and total usage units used for enrolled users.

Active Site Enrollment lists site title, site short name, user, email address, last login and role.

Every Enrolled Email Address lists email, display name, first and last names, active/expired status.

Active Site Utilization Summary by Page lists site title, page name, this month views, last month views, file Kbytes, content last updated, and active/expired status.

Organization Monthly Usage Maximums lists the peak usage numbers for your account: enrollment, file storage, file count, page views and so forth. This is the information that is used by the GroveSite billing system to calculate your monthly fees. It also has links to let you drill down to see (a) these statistics by site, and (b) these statistics by day of the month. You can request the information for the current month, or for either of the prior two months.