Commercial Design Inc. Chooses GroveSite to Manage Denver Arts Museum Expansion Project

(Phoenix, AZ January 6, 2005) -- Fort Collins-based Commercial Design, Inc. (CDI) has chosen GroveSite web collaboration software to communicate project information among the multiple companies involved in its complex, high-dollar construction projects.

CDI, founded in 1983, specializes in steel stud framing, insulation, drywall, finishing, painting and vinyl wallcoverings on large commercial projects. According to Bud McMahon, CDI co-founder, "We have been using GroveSite on some of our most complicated projects, most notably the new Denver Arts Museum, a Daniel Libeskind design. This project, a one-of-a-kind state of the art building, is located in Denver. My office is sixty miles away in Fort Collins, and our design team is in Wisconsin."

"Due to the project's complexity," McMahon continues, "hundreds of requests for information (RFIs) and reports are generated. The ongoing design-build requires daily PDFs, digital photos, and communications between the field, project managers, and our design team. Previously, we relied on email for our project communication, but when you have busy people working on multiple projects, it is too easy to 'miss' a critical email or use an old file instead of the most up-to-date one. This can create substantial negative cost impacts due to delays in production and potential rework. We needed to be able to organize project materials and communications so that nothing was lost and our multi-company project team could find them quickly and easily. This critical communication and organization has been seamlessly and efficiently conducted for our Denver Arts Museum expansion project using our GroveSite secure project team website ("

"Another advantage of using GroveSite's secure hosted service is that we did all of this without any IT personnel," adds McMahon. "CDI has recently launched another secure project team website as well, for its large Shops @ Centerra project along I-25 north of Denver. Once again, GroveSite provides a valuable communications center for our multi-company team."

About GroveSite

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