Overview of Custom Online Databases

GroveSite's Custom Online Database enables you to establish a secure online database and share it with your dispersed team.

Picture DB Overview

Do you have project or team data that you track with an Excel file, that you then email around to your team members? Now you can build a custom database within a secure GroveSite workspace, so that each row of information is displayed for your team. Each row of information can be individually updated. You'll finally have ONE source of up-to-date information.

Track work orders, permit status, software bugs, manufacturing samples, vendor bids, outstanding proposals, service requests -- you name it. All of these and more are current uses of GroveSite custom databases.

The friendly staff at GroveSite will build your custom database format for a small fee. Give us a call at 866-952-9880 x202!

OPTION 1: Use the Full Database Editor

Use the full Database Editor to initialize your table, define fields and field options, create custom views and define any parent-child relationships.

Visit the following pages to:

After your database table is defined, use Turn on Edit and [new page] to add the new database format to your site.

OPTION 2: Database Quickstart!

Define your table fields and attach it to your site quickly and easily using the Add New Page Wizard.

CLICK HERE to see the VIDEO and other INSTRUCTIONS for Database QuickStart