Using the Quick Column Search

The Quick Column Search capability can be found on any of your database pages. Just look for the white boxes!

Using Quick Column Search

  • For any column, type a text string like ABC to find content that begins with ABC
  • Include a percent symbol, such as %ABC to find content that contains ABC.

In the example below, the user typed 2 under Priority Column and typed %Account under the Summary Column.

Picture Quick Column Search

In the next example, the user typed %men in the Department column. As you can see, this identified records that included Women's and Men's. departments.

Note that the screen changes as you are typing, similar to Google searches.

Picture Quick Column Search 2

Changing or Removing the Filtered View

Once you are done with the filtered view of your data, you can remove the filter by selecting ALL from the drop-down list, or by simply deleting the text you typed into the white box.