Exporting with Images

This feature will allow GroveSite users to export records from database pages into Excel, and to include small thumbnail images as well.

Users may control the columns included in the Excel results by editing the 'View' used for display on that page. Ad hoc filters may also be used to fine-tune the desired group of records.

*** If you would like to add this feature to your GroveSite organization, please call our team at 866-952-9880 Option 2 or send an email to customersupport@grovesite.com .

Once GroveSite has enabled this feature for your organization, your users will see a new link, [Export Records with Image], at the top of the database page.

Picture Export w Images Link

When the user clicks [Export Records with Image], the system presents a parameter screen so the user can select image size, output format, row options and header display.

The resulting Excel file will include all the columns in the current view, and all the records displaying in the current view. The images are placed in the first column.

The image below illustrates just a few columns of information from an Excel file.

Picture Export Records with Images