Participant Groups: Enable Shared Record Ownership

A powerful new set of permissions enables users to share ownership and management of database records.

Suppose your company is a vendor to a big retailer. You login to the retailer's GroveSite system and upload your product and quote information. Previously, you became the Owner of these records and the only person who can update them.

However, with GroveSite's enhancements, you will now be able to specify a group of people with whom you are willing to share record ownership/management. This might be:

  • Your Sales Agent - who will help manage the quote and communicate with the retailer.
  • A group of your work colleagues - perhaps the designer, production manager, packaging specialist, etc

This means your sales agent or rep, and your colleagues, can view and help manage your company's product and quote records. However, your product and quote information will still be kept private and secured from view by other vendors.

This feature is most often called "Participant Groups." This is because only Participant enrollees (vendors, typically) are allowed to be members of a group. The other roles, Moderator and Site Administrator, already have permissions to view all records.

Picture Participant Group with Record Sample

GroveSite users who are enrolled as Participants in a site, but need access to view or edit colleague's records will find this new feature very powerful. When ownership is shared this way, the members of a group can view and edit other members records on a database page.

We released this new feature on Saturday July 18, 2015. GroveSite will Beta test this feature in a few select organizations for the next two months.

If you are interested in this feature, please call our team at 866-952-9880 Ext 2 or send an email to We would be happy to demonstrate this new feature.

Administrator's Guide to Participant Groups

Please review this carefully, then consult with GroveSite before implementing and rolling out Participant Groups in your organization. Call our Customer Service team at 866-952-9880 Opt '2'.
Administrator's Guide to Participant Groups

Vendor's Guide to Participant Groups

The guide below is intended for individuals enrolled as Participants in your site.
Vendor's Guide to Participant Groups