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GroveSite helps companies in a wide range of industries work smarter and more effectively using online collaboration.

Product Design & Development

Do you create large image files to share with vendors, clients or colleagues? Files too large to send via email? Never burn another CD. Stop those FedEx shipping charges! Get the manufacturing sample right the first time and speed your product to market!

Many of our clients use GroveSite to collaborate on product design and development. Upload your product designs, specifications, and timelines into project-oriented workspaces. Enroll several vendors if you like; they can privately upload bids to your workspace, enabling you to speed vendor selection. Collaborate through the sampling and manufacturing processes; then celebrate the speed and efficiency with which your product came to market.

See how Visual Comfort gets new products to market faster with GroveSite

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Management Consulting

GroveSite helps consulting firms improve client satisfaction and retention through collaborative management of client engagements. Set up a branded collaboration workspace for each client project – enroll your own staff as well as your client's staff – to share documents, manage tasks, create easy status reports, and jointly track project issues. Your clients will love the added service! You'll never send another proposal without saying "project communications will be managed through our secure, web-based project system."

GroveSite can also help you streamline internal operations; especially when your team spends a lot of time on the road. Just set up one workspace as a management team intranet to share marketing collateral, track outstanding proposals, upload expense reports and/or track your progress against strategic goals.

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Manufacturing & Engineering

GroveSite online collaboration tools help companies engineer and manufacture products more quickly and efficiently.  GroveSite’s clients often set up a site for each product or product line being worked on.  Internal team members, outside consultants, subcontractors, vendor design staff, QA personnel can all be quickly and easily enrolled.  Drawings, photos, and other specifications files can be uploaded, enhanced by GroveSite’s great thumbnailing feature.  GroveSite can include a discussion area next to each uploaded image; this enables tracking of everyone’s comments and questions.

It is easy to use GroveSite’s web database feature to track important information such as engineering permits and approval status, detailed test product plans and results, or a punch list of issues to be resolved in the manufacturing process.

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GroveSite enables professionals in the financial services industry to work with partners or customers securely and easily.  Several consulting firms use secure GroveSite project sites/portals to support their regulatory and compliance studies for banks and credit unions.  Branded template sites can be pre-built with methodology and materials for a particular type of study or transaction.  Then it takes only minutes to copy that template for a new bank and enroll the consultants and bank personnel involved in the study.

GroveSite is also used as a secure Deal Room for merger and acquisition activity, an activity that usually involves multiple firms and legal counsels.  In each Deal Room site, you can create pages (folders) for different categories of documents:  industry analysis, company positioning, financials, operations and organization, purchase agreements, transaction contracts and so forth.  GroveSite allows check-out and check-in of documents and enables all members to find the most up-to-date documents.

See how Compushare Inc. uses GroveSite to distinguish its client services

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Real Estate & Construction

GroveSite can streamline the communications and workflow of any construction design/build project. For each project, set up a branded workspace and enroll architects, engineers, clients, and key members of the construction team. Your GroveSite workspace is the perfect 'central' repository to organize drawings, designs, site photos, schedules, and other key documents. Try GroveSite's online table for tracking and managing Requests for Information (RFIs). Record construction progress or document on-site problems using our Photo Gallery feature.

GroveSite streamlines communications, improves accountability, and helps you complete large projects on time, thereby avoiding costly penalties. Try GroveSite on your next project – you'll be incorporating a "secure online project collaboration center" in your bids from then on!

See how Commercial Design Inc. used GroveSite to coordinate their Denver Art Museum project

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Information Technology

GroveSite is used by many IT solutions providers - software developers, system integrators, and VARs. With a single GroveSite Pro account, you can create a project workspace for each client project, easily updated by your staff and viewed by client staff. Create a GroveSite workspace with your baseline project plan, as well as customized pages for news, announcements, documents, and discussion Q&A, all pre-loaded and consistent with your 'client-friendly, client-centered' project methodology . For new projects, simply copy your GroveSite template workspace, click to reset the dates in the project plan, and enroll the joint consultant/client team. All in minutes!

Some solutions providers also use GroveSite to enhance their customer support and communications, allowing their own customers to login, view product news and FAQs, submit bugs or enhancement requests, and participate in user discussion forums. Imagine launching a secure, web-based Customer Support capability in a day or two!

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Medical & Healthcare

Healthcare providers use GroveSite to manage project teams and bring new services and improved information to consumers. A Boston-based market research firm uses GroveSite to manage its projects for a major international pharmaceutical company; including the planning and execution of focus groups and physician interviews, and the sharing of results with their client's international team. GroveSite makes it easy to keep clients informed, up-to-date and supremely satisfied.

In many US locations, health care facilities are rapidly being built to meet the demands of a growing population. GroveSite can help – from coordinating architects, contractors and hospital administrators in the launch of a major construction project to tracking the recruiting of physicians and nurses.

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GroveSite provides educational institutions with a range of capabilities. K-12 schools use GroveSite to post homework and educational materials online for students and families. GroveSite can also be an easy-to-administer portal for school news, calendar, and athletics – even your athletic director can update information with our wiki-style editing! It's all available quickly and cost-effectively, without impacting your already-stretched IT staff.

Schools, like any organization, need to manage projects and cross-enterprise teams. Whether it's to coordinate a school construction project, get the student newspaper out, or keep the Board of Trustees on the same page, GroveSite can help. A northwest community college is even using GroveSite to implement an especially innovative project - Student ePortfolios. Kudos to your creativity!

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Government Agencies

GroveSite improves the teamwork between government agencies and the many private and public organizations with whom they work. One high security project involved a task force made of federal government staff, consultants, and industry and trade representatives. The 110-member task force met face-to-face occasionally, but used GroveSite to share documents, manage workflow, and collaborate on recommendations. GroveSite increased participation and collaboration among a high-level, non-technical group with ease.

Government research institutions manage cross-enterprise projects – from tsunami research to development of national children's reading programs - using GroveSite's online workspaces. GroveSite has even served as the communication and family support center for US Marines stationed in Iraq.

See how the US Marines use GroveSite to keep loved ones in touch

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Associations & Non-Profits

GroveSite is a great tool to improve communication and volunteerism within associations and non-profit organizations. Many associations set up GroveSite workspaces for each of their committees – committee chairpersons use our easy wiki-style editing to post information, share documents, or add meeting details to a team calendar. Members provide feedback on documents, and brainstorm new ideas using GroveSite discussion forums. Committee members quickly view each other's contact information, and broadcast an email to all members. Imagine an informed, happy committee that actually gets work done in between meetings!

One Arizona association also uses GroveSite to manage the publication of its magazine. Magazine contributors, free lancers and editors can upload article drafts and other documents to a workspace for the current magazine issue. Best of all, those large image files and photos can be uploaded and shared instantaneously with the printer – no more last-minute courier needed!

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GroveSite benefits firms in many other industries. A global manufacturer of textiles uses GroveSite to organize sales leads, capture activities, and raise accountability. Salespeople in North America, Europe and Asia login to see their new leads and enter their activity for review by the home office in France. Conference event managers use GroveSite to coordinate speakers, materials, and locations. Religious organizations share educational curricula and materials among member congregations. Alumni organizations stay in touch with members, offer new web-based services, and even collect dues via their GroveSites.

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