GroveSite's Collaboration Software Catches On With Members of China Task Force

(Phoenix, AZ February 17, 2005) -- According to Duane Brummett, Executive VP and General Counsel for MTI, Inc. and a staff representative of President Bush's China Task Force, collaboration software is a boon for both cross-organizational task forces and internal teams.

"For rapidly changing document libraries, where lots of people are always asking what version we are on, GroveSite has been amazing," says Brummett.

Brummett bought GroveSite because, as a staff representative of the President's Export Council, he was looking for a way to avoid trying to schedule face-to-face meetings with busy people. The President's Export Council has thirty-five members, including the Secretary of State, Congressmen, and the CEOs of the largest American exporting companies. The Council formed a task force to study the competitiveness of US companies selling into China by comparing US companies with companies from Japan and the EU. Currently, he says, Japan beats us by 100% in selling manufactured goods into China, while the EU is ahead of us by 50%.

As a staff representative to the China Task Force, Brummett is one of the people who does the day-to-day communications and project management work. He quickly determined that it was impossible to schedule staff meetings or conference calls after each monthly meeting of the President's Export Council, and that he needed an alternative way to keep track of information, post minutes, and share documents. And so he tried GroveSite.

He admits that the members of the Task Force are "not young kids familiar with chat rooms," and that the China Task Force uses the product only in a limited way.

"But GroveSite was so user friendly and helpful that MTI expanded it to totally unrelated projects, such as keeping the calendar and assigning tasks for a litigation we're involved with," Brummett says.

"Also, we're selling one of our businesses, and we have people from coast to coast working on it. There are dozens of revisions of dozens of documents. Over time, they would just get lost, so we set that up as another collaborative team site; having a library of all the latest documents for the closing was invaluable. So now we have another GroveSite for the integration team between ourselves and the new company. It's a fabulous product."

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