Editing Page Settings

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Modify text, settings, security and page order

Click 'Turn on Edit' then click the [edit] link next to the appropriate page name.

Edit Page: Text Tab

Picture Edit Page Text

The text tab enables you to modify multiple fields - the fields displayed on the form will vary with the type of page, and are largely self-explanatory.

The Navigation Text is the text displayed in your site's left-hand navigation.

The Page Heading text is displayed, centered, in the middle of the large white body of the page. We recommend that it be the same as the Navigation Text, or perhaps an expansion of the Navigation Text.

The Subheading is centered underneath the Page Heading.

Page Text is optional and is meant for a line or two of instructions to your team on how you wish this page to be used. The majority of the text and information (documents, text, tasks, discussions, database rows, etc) are added using different links on the page.

Learn more about adding page content.

Edit Page: Security Tab

Picture Edit Page Security

Page security settings are critical to controlling which of your team members can access a page, and whether they are just viewing a page, or whether they can also upload information to the page.

Edit Page: Order Tab

Picture Edit Page Order

The Order tab of the Edit Page form enables you to move the current page to a different location in your site's left-hand navigation.

The current page, for which you clicked [edit], will show below any page you select on this tab.

Edit Page: Credits and Statistics Tab

Picture Edit Page Credits

The Credits and Statistics tab shows information about when the page was created and last updated. It also shows how many times the page was viewed in the last month and previous month.

Delete Page

Click the Delete button to remove a page from your site.

Click Yes, delete to confirm the delete.

The current page, for which you clicked [edit], will be deleted and will no longer show in the navigation.