Login & Passwords

Welcoming Email Message

The enrollment email message that you received contained three important items: URL address for your group site, ID (email address), password. Click on the underlined URL link in the message to go to your website.

How to Login

Alt 1) When you entered your group's URL in your browser, GroveSite immediately displays the login form. Enter your email address and password. Your site home page should then be displayed.

Alt 2) Go to www.grovesite.com. Click on the Login button in the upper Menu Bar. Enter your email address and password. When you click the Login button on the form, GroveSite takes you to your website. Or, if you are enrolled in more than one site, your dashboard will be displayed and you can select the site where you want to navigate.

First Login Messages

The very first time you login to any GroveSite website, we display several messages (1) notice of GroveSite's scheduled downtime, (2) our Acceptable Use Policy, (3) the Manage My Information Form.

You must scroll down and read the Acceptable Use Policy. Click Accept if you agree; otherwise you will not be given access to the site.

The Manage My Information form allows you to view your personal information, edit it, enter more information, change your password, and even hide your email address if you wish. Click on any Save button. GroveSite then displays your website.

Note: these message are only displayed for your first login.

Forgot your password?

If you can't remember your password, click on Forgot Your Password? GroveSite will send you an email with a new password. You can change that new password at any time using the My Info command.

Changing Your Password

Click on the My info button in the upper Menu Bar. The Manage My Information form is displayed. In the My Account section are fields to enter a new password. Enter the password again to confirm it. Click the Save button to save your changes.